jeri-muoio-photoYour invitation from West Palm Beach Mayor, Jeri Muoio

Thank you for your interest in the Flagler Financial District, and the City of West Palm Beach. The District is symbolic of our City’s commitment to business and finance, and our dedication to progressing a city based upon the ideals that propel businesses just like yours.

First conceived to provide a convenient, concentrated urban hub of like businesses, financial institutions and investment services, the District was already home to a vibrant base of professionals, banks, investment operations and more. These early residents of the District had already discovered what you’re being offered today: the perfect mix of business amenities, business culture and community found nowhere else in South Florida, and standing right in the central downtown core of a city that offers all you need for business and life – in the perfect balance – leading to America’s most rewarding and fulfilling place to work and live.

Those considering the District are welcomed by a very pro-business minded city government, and encouraged to discover offers of tax abatement, incentives, fast-track permitting and more.

I know that where you locate your business is a big decision. But as all the businesses here before you now know, it’s a decision full of reward, and offering the opportunity of tremendous prosperity.

If there’s anything that our superb City staff or I can do to aid you in your search, expedite a process, or simply lend a hand, please let us know. We look forward to having you here, and helping you toward a very prosperous future.



Jeri Muoio
The City of West Palm Beach

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