West Palm Beach, Florida

Flagler Financial District Advantages

Beyond West Palm Beach’s perfect combination of the ideal business environment and South Florida’s most relaxed, fulfilling lifestyle, the Flagler Financial District offers distinct advantages over the nation’s other urban areas:

   A broad range of available office space
   A dedicated District offering the synergy of related businesses
   The perfect environment for client entertainment and after-hours relaxation
   Proximity to global wealth
   Set among one of America’s most vibrant and walkable downtowns
   Relocation incentives for qualified businesses
   Proximity to a wide assortment of executive and staff residential offerings
   Easy, relaxed commutes through one of the nation’s best engineered road systems
   Superb regional transit including passenger rail and international airport
   Dedicated, pro-business local government and active, supportive business community
   Some of the nation’s lowest costs of doing business, including No state income tax
   The South Florida region’s most dynamic arts, cultural and entertainment scene
   Skilled and educated local workforce
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