West Palm Beach Flagler District Aerial Daytime
West Palm Beach, Florida

The top reasons to choose one of America’s top business and financial Districts.

As a dedicated District within one of America’s great cities, the Flagler Financial District offers a number of reasons for you to consider it as the next address for your business or financial enterprise. Here are just a few:

Flagler Financial District advantages:

  • One of America’s truly dedicated urban Districts exclusively devoted to business and financial enterprise.
  • The District offers a variety of office space and amenities that combine to support the District’s businesses and provide the perfect location for corporate and financial success.
  • The District lies in the heart of West Palm Beach, Florida, the vibrant urban business and governmental center of the Palm Beach region.
  • The District is surrounded by exceptional restaurants and client entertainment venues and is served by exceptional regional and international travel and transit such as passenger rail, port and international airport.
  • The area offers some of the nation’s lowest costs of doing business, including no state income tax.
  • The City offers custom, executive assistance in relocation consideration and related issues, including District and area tours, business contacts and regulatory fast tracking.

West Palm Beach business advantages:

  • No state or local income tax
  • Easy transportation and commutes to, from and within the area
  • Easy access to domestic and international markets, including Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Existing transport and cargo infrastructure (rail, plane, port, highway)
  • Walkable central business and entertainment District
  • Pro-business government
  • Streamlined permitting and regulatory compliance
  • City on the move with $2.5 billion in private development/investment
  • Available City, County and State incentives for qualified businesses
  • Educated, trained workforce
  • Ethnic and cultural diversity

Lifestyle and livability advantages:

  • Superb, year-round weather
  • Relaxed, civilized environment
  • The region’s best shopping, dining, entertainment and nightlife
  • The region’s most sophisticated offerings of arts and culture
  • An ongoing and evolving array of exciting events
  • A diverse range of housing
  • Waterfront and proximity to coast and beaches
  • A broad mix of recreational opportunities
  • Outstanding healthcare
  • Easy area commutes
  • Vibrant, growing, positive momentum
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